Commercial Refrigeration

Flomatic is a local manufacturer that produces many types of commercial refrigerators; prep table, undercounter, upright, glass door or stainless steel, chef base and many more industrial / commercial freezers or chillers. Our local expertise is ready to advise and attend to any unforeseen circumstances. This also include repair and maintenance crews readily available. You could count on us at your most critical time of need. To add on, our spare part availability is sufficiently stocked at all times. After all, we are a local manufacturer. Our headquarter is in Ayer Rajah, Singapore while the manufacturing plant is located at Pasir Gudang.

Everyone wants a long lasting commercial refrigerator that does not breakdown. This have to start with a proper installation. A word of advise, an ueven leveling of refrigerator unit will cause the flow to be frozen in the pipeline between the evaporator and condenser. A repair will take you back a few hundred dollars just on labour. This costly repair bill could had been easily avoided with a twist of a wrench. Another thing to consider is the spare parts lead time. Always go for a local manufacturer as spare part is available at all times. An imported refirgerator may save you few hundred dollars at first. All it needs is a breakdown and the repair and spare part cost will balloon up your refrigerator cost. This does not include the profit loss from a broken refrigerator.

Our refrigerator had been suited and designed to withstand Singapore weather and the relentless demands of our local F&B industry. The commercial chillers or freezers are only fitted with quality parts such as european brand Danfoss compressor. This Danfoss compressor had been proven a reliable and durable brand for more than 30 years. Most importantly, the temperature control is precise to keep food fresh all day. In a summary, Flomatic is a local manufacturer that supplies commercial chillers and freezers at direct factory price with local expertise and spare parts available at all times.

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Upright Chillers & Freezers

Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

A Perfect Combination Of Refrigerator And Work Table In One Unit.

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