Undercounter & Modular Ice Machine

What to know when choosing an ice machine. it is important to understand your crowd and business. Always allow some extra capacity for growth rather than buying the exact ice maker volume. A good ice machine is able to keep up with demand especially during busy or peak hours. It should also cater for promotion or special events together with daily usage.

Factors that could affect ice machine; Environment, humidity, ventilation, ambient, ventilation, water and location. it is very imporant for air cooled units to have enough space for ventilation, ideally 6 inches surrounding the ice machine for air intake and discharge. Installing an ice machine in kitchen could drastically affect ice output and will stress out the ice maker due to heat. Also to take note of drain, water and power point of ice machine location. Inefficient draining could cause bacteria growth which could contaminate ice bin.

A ice machine is a need for every commercial kitchens. A correctly chosen ice machine is able to match the demand of your customers. Always count on durable ice machine that is able to lasts for years to suit your long term needs.