Cold Drink Dispensers

Flo’s range of drink mixers are specially designed to provide the Food and Beverage industry with a fast cooling solution while at the same time enables drink products to stay refreshing at all times.

Some of Flo unique features include transparent food grade polycarbonate that is easy to remove. Secondly, step scale that enables precise porportion of drinks. All these comes with non drip stainless steel tap. Flo drink dispensers also comes with adjustable temperature to provide cool serving drinks at all times. Most importantly, maintenance is minimal and easy to clean.

Stirrer/Mixer type

Unlike other drink mixers, the Stirrer System comes with a low speed paddle system driven by gearbox for the delicate mixing of drinks. This enables acidic drink products like orange, lime, lemon etc, and milk-based and soybean based products to stay fresher longer.
*Suitable for all types of drinks

Spray type

The spray System carries a fast and unique cooling feature known as the Direction Expansion System that enables a larger amount of drink products to cool faster with minimum oxidization. It is also visually pleasing with its fountain effect.
*Not Suitable for heavy density drinks (Examples of heavy density drinks: Milo, Coffee, Milk, Soya Bean, Fresh Lime/Orange)

Slush Machine