Our product lines represent every epitome of kitchen-material needs to bring forth the attainable productivity as possible. With fine grade-materials constructed to withstand the usual destructible kitchen climate while exerting sustainability. These are our envisioned ideas, all packed in our equipment products.


Cold Drink Dispensers

Mixer type

Unlike other drink mixers, the Stirrer System comes with a low speed paddle system driven by gearbox for the delicate mixing of drinks. This enables acidic drink products like orange, lime, lemon etc, and milk-based and soybean based products to stay fresher longer.
*Suitable for all types of drinks

Spray type

The spray System carries a fast and unique cooling feature known as the Direction Expansion System that enables a larger amount of drink products to cool faster with minimum oxidization. It is also visually pleasing with its fountain effect.
*Not Suitable for heavy density drinks (Examples of heavy density drinks: Milo, Coffee, Milk, Soya Bean, Fresh Lime/Orange)

Commercial Refrigeration

Upright Chillers & Freezers

Delivering Superior Performance To The Customers.

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Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

A Perfect Combination Of Refrigerator And Work Table In One Unit.

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Ice Machine

Flomatic’s ice-maker machines are designed specifically for the F&B industry. It incorporates advanced designs; but yet is easy to install and operate. To meet the demands for environmentally friendly products, we have used R404A refrigerant – the cooling agent known to be ozone friendly.


Slush Machine